What is a Detox

What is a detox

A detox or detoxification is the term used, in the substance misuse sector, for removing all the drugs or alcohol from the body. This is done in a medically safe way. There are many different ways to detox clients, and some prefer to be given the choice of medicines used. There are many different medicines used to detox clients. Some to help them sleep, some to restore their natural apatite etc. the common drugs used to detox clients are Subutex or Methadone for Heroin and opiate users, and Librium for clients addicted to alcohol.

Will I be craving (rattling)

Each client is assessed by a fully trained and experienced doctor from the drug and alcohol field. You will detox comfortably. Our centres tend to detox clients slowly to stop any craving etc and keep the detox as medically safe as possible.


There are many factors which will determine the length of time a detox will take. These can be the clients age, health, weight, how long they have had their addiction, what they are addicted to, and how much they are using (at the point of coming into rehab) etc. every client is different, and every clients medicine is different. A detox normally takes between 7 and 12 days depending on the above factors. Some take much longer.

Never try to detox yourself, as it can bring on a fit or seizure, and in some cases be fatal.

A detox alone will NOT cure an addiction. Clients need a stay at a residential rehabilitation centre after their detox to get over the psychological aspects of addiction. They will also heed coping mechanisms to remain free from their addiction. Call our team today if you would like anymore details about detoxing or anything else you may wish to talk through. We are here 24 hours a day, everyday.

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